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Frequently Asked Questions:


Do you photograph nudity?

  • We'll work with a model according to her preferences and comfort level. In most cases our shoots feature poses and outfits comparable to what you see in Playboy, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Victoria's Secret Catalogue, or Maxim Magazine.

What is Party All-Star?

  • Party All-Star is a modeling site that showcases great-looking models; it's a lot like an online fan club, or a subscription-based online magazine. We promote it all over!

Do I do my own makeup before the shoot?

  • Yes. For some shoots we may have suggestions or special requests for make-up, but that's generally left up to the models.

How long is a shoot?

  • We generally do between two hour and four hour long shoots, but usually two hours if it's the first time working with a model. For models who have become Starlettes, longer shoots are often necessary, but we are very accommodating to the demands of a model's schedule. We started doing this in college, so we understand how busy a week can become when both school and work have to be juggled, and so we try to be very flexible.

Am I able to get copies of the photos that are taken?

  • We are more than happy to provide prints of your best pictures after the post production process has taken place.

Do I sign a model release?

  • Yes. We use a standard model release.

What can I do to come best prepared?

  • Of course tan skin always looks the best, so if tanning is an option for you, go for it. It's the easiest way to improve your look for bikini and lingerie work. Bottle or cream-based tans generally look strange on camera, so please steer clear of those. If time or sunshine is an issue and you have to choose between pale skin and a cream-tan... stay natural! Secondly, (although it seems like common-sense,) we ask that you please keep your bikini line trim.

Would I have to use my real name?

  • No. It's certainly not required, and we'd prefer you use a nickname as a model. We must know your legal name to hire you and make payment, but that's all.

Can I bring a male escort to the shoot for safety?

  • We don't mind, as long as they are non-intrusive. We conduct our shoots in a strictly professional fashion; you can be assured that our shoots are not parties (unless specified), and there are no unnecessary people or assistants wandering around in the background. We ask that our models take the same approach. We found in the past that escorts can tend to backseat drive photo shoots in a way that's really distracting. In some cases when a boyfriend, friend or family member supervises a shoot, it makes the model feel silly putting on a "sexy" face. Also, there are several females in our production team, and so our preference is to limit male bodyguards as a courtesy to their safety and comfort level as well. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other concerns about this. We will be glad to answer them!

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