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Dragon Con 2010!

A Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Cosplay Convention

  • Dragon Con is an enormous yearly convention (aka: "hotel party") celebrating all manner of sci-fi, fantasy, roleplay, video games - basically any and all things "geek". If you ever wanted to see a room filled with Slave Leias - both hot slave Leias and the dreaded Slave Leia/Jabba the Hutt hybrid costumes - then Dragon Con is the place to be. If you ever wanted to walk around dressed like a night elf with an open bucket of rum and pinapple juice around your neck ("zombie juice" they call it), Dragon Con is the place. If you're trying to not only track down the rare Star Wars Christmas Special and the pilot episode of "Manimal" on DVD, but ALSO get them SIGNED by the actual actors, then Dragon Con is... you get the idea.
  • Party All Star was there to photograph all the hotties as they showed off their skimpy fantasy costumes!

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